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Why Brazil

Brazil is the biggest country in South America and is the fourth biggest country on earth . Is also one of the top ten bioviderse countries on planet. This huge country always dazzles our clients , a country with a huge history ,deep and amazing cultural facts. Brazil a country of a mix of habitats and culture. At Caiman Ecotravel   we have develop a set of amazing tours that covers the vast territory of land from North to South . Let´s  share with you our passion for our country, let s us plan and organize your trip.!! It wont be just a trip. It will be a life experience!! We take care of all logistical details .Our  great location in Mato Grosso State ( Cuiaba City) give us the strategic access to all...!  Come with us and be dazzled by this magic country.

Our offer will cover the cultural tours and a traditional touristic areas ; like Rio de Janeiro, Bahía  Mato Grosso ,but also nice cultural spots like the well preserved cities of Ouro Preto and Paraty  Tours to wildlife reserves and National Parks like Chapada Diamantina, Chapara de Guimaraes and Veadeiros and the fantastic Iguazu Falls. Also nice set of tours to Manaus and the Amazon basin . Well, let us dazzle you with our country!! and our professional guides, excellent logistics and personalized service.!! We all the time try to overpass your expectations!!



Our offer will also includes:

It can also include:

Travelers search for that special paradise, where time seems to stand still. Many of Brazil’s special destinations and tourism products are still relatively unknown in international tourism markets.We offer many Brazil tour options that you won't find from your local travel agencies because we have been there and met with many of the operators in order to find the most fascinating and rewarding experiences available. Many of these areas and options have been unfamiliar to the international public until now because the local operators have not marketed their tours outside of Brazil