Presidente FIguereido full day

Known on the Amazon as the Land of waterfalls, Presidente Figueiredo is home to the most beautiful waterfalls near Manaus. From Manaus to Presidente Figueiredo County you will spend a pleasant day touring.

Whether you choose hiking in the jungle, exploring the caves and grottos, rappelling, camping, swimming, or just relaxing in a natural pool, a falls excursion is a great way to begin or cap off your vacation in Manaus.


The Presidente Figueiredo territory provides breathtaking natural scenery including rich fauna and flora, waterfalls, natural pools, rapids, narrow waterways and navigable rivers.

The area holds various scenic trails in the forest with hidden beautiful waterfalls, caves and grottos and natural pools.

Hiking through the rainforest on trails, swimming, kayaking, boating, exploring the caves and grottos, rappelling and even relaxing in the waterfalls and natural pools in the heart of the forest are year-long activities and never-ending pleasures.





Our goal is to take you out of Manaus to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Sit in a natural pool surrounded by trees and wildlife. Enjoy a relaxing water massage as you sit under the waterfall and listen to the fantastic sounds of the rainforest.

Enjoy the very best of waterfalll entrance fees and a custom tour.